Midori Leather:

Circulate and Connect to Create New Value


Most of the leather we source is made from collagen (a type of protein).

Our new product CircuLeather® was born from the idea of using this natural material to its fullest potential by converting it into fertilizer for plant nutrition.


After CircuLeather® reaches the end of its life as a leather product, it is reborn as a raw material for fertilizer to promote plant growth.
CircuLeather® is made from materials that can be used as fertilizer.
Our production process is highly efficient, reducing water and power consumption and making active use of plant-based materials to create the ultimate sustainable and genuine leather.


Achieving a Circular Society

When converted to fertilizer, CircuLeather® reaches a new phase in its cycle.
Fertilizer derived from CircuLeather® is used to grow grains and vegetables, eventually being consumed as food.
Our dream is for all leather products to become fertilizer used to cultivate higher yields of grains and vegetables, spread greenery across the earth, reduce CO2 emissions, and contribute to solving global food problems.


CircuLeather® is used in a variety of products including furniture, bags (including school bags), car interiors, and shoes.
As CircuLeather® permeates our everyday lives, we will deliver more sustainable leather products as new value to our customers.

The polka-dot motif skirting our CircuLeather® logo is actually inspired by the earth.
This logo represents our vision of leather returning to the earth as part of a sustainable cycle.