Antivirus Products ANTI VIRUS virfree \ ヴィルフリー


  • Antiviral and
    Antibacterial-treated Leather

    99.99% of viruses

    Safe and immediate effect
    with sustainability

    Our goal was to develop a product that provided an immediate and long-lasting effect.

    “ virfree \ ヴィルフリー ” reduces 99.99% of infective viruses and inhibits the growth of specific bacteria.

    Furthermore, “ virfree \ ヴィルフリー ” meets requirements for 5-year durability testing in automotive standards.

    Antiviral and Antibacterial-treated Leather

    * Antiviral and antibacterial leather is applicable to genuine leather, PVC leather, PU leather, and artificial leather.

  • Virus Reduction Mechanism

     Antivirus components decrease virus infectivity.
  • A first in Japan!

    In August 2020,

    we became certified for antiviral

    genuine leather surface materials by the SIAA *1.

    We have also become certified for

    antiviral synthetic leather materials by the SIAA.

    *1 Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles


    The SIAA mark is granted to products that pass the ISO 21702 test, and their quality is managed and information is disclosed according to the guidelines of the Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles.


    Antiviral treatments are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease.

    Our product complies with the SIAA safety standards.

  • High Antiviral Performance

    Virus A (enveloped)
    Virus B (non- enveloped)

    Testing laboratory: Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center  Measurement method: Plaque assay
    Test method: ISO 21702

  • Immediate effect

    The time from exposure to the virus to onset of effect and degree of effectiveness were verified.
    It was confirmed that 99.99% eradication was achieved at 60 minutes.

    Antiviral activity test result

    Testing laboratory: Biomedical Science Association  Measurement method: Plaque assay
    Test method: ISO21702

  • Durability (duration)

    Surface abrasion resistance tests were conducted (assuming 5 years of automobile service life) and X-ray analysis was used to verify the presence of antiviral components. It was confirmed that antiviral component levels remained consistent throughout the test, and that antiviral properties were maintained over the long term.

    Status of antivirus components before and after abrasion resistance test

    Note: Analysis conducted using X-ray
    microanalysis with an electron microscope

  • Safety

    Our antiviral and antibacterial agents are comprised of ingredients considered safe for the body.

    These agents have passed the following third-party safety testing.

    These agents have passed the following third-party safety testing.

    Testing laboratory: Huntingdon Life Sciences

  • Antibacterial Activity

    Antibacterial activity test results

    Testing laboratory: M.I.C. Co., Ltd.
    Test method: JIS Z 2801:2010 (ISO 22196:2007)

  • Custom Support

    Customization (such as color, texture, hue, and special treatments)
    is available on request.
    Please feel free to contact us.

    Custom Support Sample